10 Mistakes That You’ve Been Making On Your LinkedIn Profile

10 Mistakes That You’ve Been Making On Your LinkedIn Profile

With the increase in the use of technology, a lot of job seekers, as well as employers, are now making their way over to LinkedIn. After the revolution of the social networking and media networking site there emerged the new phenomenon of LinkedIn- the professional networking website. Most professionals and graduates these days make great use of LinkedIn for showcasing their resume, exhibiting their skills and experience, and connecting with other professionals in their relevant fields.

Gone are the days when you would have to resort to using your personal social networking profiles to maintain and showcase your academic and professional achievements and skills. These days you have LinkedIn for that purpose and you can make immense use of the tools and features provided to you on this great, and free, platform. If used properly, LinkedIn can bring great personal and professional benefits to you and your organization. It is all about presentation and functionality when it comes to your LinkedIn usage so you have to plan out your profile and activities very strategically to get the most out of this site.

Most people are still baffled or scared by the notion of regularly using LinkedIn for professional opportunities or connections because as a platform, it is still a relatively new idea and can be stressful. For fresh graduates or for mid-level professionals who are just now starting to get a hang of it, the site can present some challenges that might hold them back from getting the full benefits of the site that are available. Although there are a lot of articles and tutorials on how to make your LinkedIn profile better and more polished but hardly any that tells you what not to do.

This article will be helping you to find out what common mistakes you are making on LinkedIn and how you can improve upon them and get the full experience out of LinkedIn that you can.

Here are the 10 most commonly made mistakes by many people on their LinkedIn Profile:

1) Not Using Authentic Style of Writing

A lot of people make the mistake of using extra formal language on their LinkedIn profile like they do in their resumes and cover letters. This makes it sound dull and dreary and doesn’t reflect well on your personality and creativity. Try using an informal style to describe your profile and your achievements so the employer can see you stand out from the rest.

2) Not Uploading a Profile Picture

This is one of the most common mistakes that a lot of people make on their LinkedIn profile and it is very harmful for your image. Your LinkedIn profile is like your brand image and your personal marketing, so why leave the profile picture blank? The best way to capture the attention of potential networks and employers is to upload a nice and crisp picture of yourself that works as a statement.

3) Writing In Third Person Language

This may seem like a very good idea to do, but it is actually very counterintuitive to write about yourself in third person language on your LinkedIn profile. Referring to yourself in third person on your LinkedIn profile summary sounds very cold and robotic. Try writing in first person and put passion into the words as you describe who you are and what you do to grab the attention of potential networks and employers.

4) Lying or Exaggerating Details

It may seem very tempting to fabricate a few facts here and there on your LinkedIn profile, it should be harmless in the end right? If you think like that, then you’re very wrong because lying can cost you your integrity with potential employers. Be honest about your achievements and skills on your LinkedIn profile and be straightforward about your capabilities and responsibilities.

5) Not Writing a Summary

This is one of the most catastrophic mistakes many users make. By skipping out on writing a summary, you are missing the best opportunity you will get to describe yourself on your LinkedIn profile. This leaves your skills and personality to the imagination of the reader instead. Try to map out a summary of yourself, even if it is very short and precise and not too detailed. Writing a short and honest summary is much better than leaving the summary option blank on your profile.

6) Boasting About Accomplishments

No one likes people who brag, not in real life and especially not online on your professional profile. If you start to use a boastful tone on your LinkedIn profile, it may come off as very repulsive and may make the person distance themselves from you and from any potential connection or opportunity with you. So keep it simple, humble, and down to earth.

7) Using a Tone that Reflects Desperation

As in the earlier point about being boastful on your profile, nobody likes people who sound desperate on their LinkedIn profile either. A tone of overt desperation reflects a serious lack of professionalism and etiquette and can be a major turn off for any potential employers or even professional who might want to consider building connections with you. Try instead, to focus on your skills and strengths instead of sounding too needy or desperate in any way whatsoever.

8) Using LinkedIn without Preparing Your Profile

Make sure to update and fill in all the features on your profile first before you start using it to join groups and connect with others. Connecting with others with an incomplete profile comes off strange and unprofessional.

9) Using LinkedIn as a Social Networking Platform

A lot of inexperienced people tend to make use of LinkedIn as a social networking website like Facebook by making strange friendships and leaving rude and negative comments. Keep your LinkedIn profile for professional communication only.

10) Not Keeping Your Profile Updated

This is one of the most common mistakes that users make. Many users leave outdated information in their profiles while neglecting to update it with recent developments in their professional lives. Try to avoid making this mistake by keeping your LinkedIn profile regularly updated with your most recent professional accomplishments.

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