3 reasons why blackhat marketers use private proxies

3 reasons why blackhat marketers use private proxies


Private proxies are privacy tools. They are used to hide someone’s identity or location. However, in recent years, they have been used in a more creative way. Private proxies have been employed by blackhat marketers and integrated in their tools in order to drive higher returns. They have been used with the purpose of running multiple accounts from the same location. And in social media, if you control more accounts, you can reach more walls, thus promoting to a larger audience.




Blackhat marketers are not a particular group per se. A marketer, can be considered a blackhat one, if he is using certain tools, that considered ‘blackhat’. But as everything in marketing, nothing is what it seems to be.


For example, if a marketer is using private proxies to manage 20 targeted accounts in niches as dog lovers, motivation and luxury, can he be considered a blackhat marketer? Just because he uses proxies and manages multiple accounts it does not mean he is doing anything blackhat.


However, the same marketer can be considered a blackhat one if those 20 accounts managed by him replicate real people profiles. Then, he is impersonating other people. A blackhat technique highly avoidable.


Furthermore, if a marketer needs to run multiple accounts from the same server, he can use private proxies.




As mentioned above, private proxies are anonymity tools used to hide someone’s identity or location. They are used in social media for their ability to hide the real IP from where an action originated. This characteristic becomes important because most social media networks allow a maximum of five accounts per IP. Therefore, if a marketer connects more than five accounts from the same IP, she risks getting her accounts banned.


In addition, if an account has a suspicious behaviour and is blocked by the social network, the IP from where the account was logged in will be flagged by the social network. And once an IP is flagged, all accounts previously connecting from it will be flagged, ghosted or blocked. It depends on each social media policy.


To counter this restrictiveness, proxy providers started selling social media proxies. These are virgin proxies allocated to particular platforms. They are called virgin proxies because they have never been used for social media. For example, virgin Pinterest proxies have never been used to connect accounts to Pinterest. Therefore, a marketer using them connects his accounts without risking an account block due to the proxies previous faulty use.


But why is a marketer going through all this process of setting a server, buying proxies and then managing multiple accounts? There are many reasons. Some marketers simply manage their client’s accounts. While other marketers need multiple accounts for their promotions. Here are three reasons for Internet marketers running their own multiple accounts through proxies.




By using multiple accounts, a marketer can reach a larger audience than it will be possible with one account. For example, if a marketer starts a new project with a fresh Twitter account, after three months, he will have approximately 1.000 followers. However, if he automates ten accounts and manages them at the same time, after the same period of six months, his following will reach 10.000. Another great aspect of using private proxies for social media, is the scaling capabilities. Managing five accounts or 100 accounts requires spending almost the same amount of time.


The visible advantage here is that a larger audience increases the chances of a larger number of conversions or leads generate. A conversion rate of 1% from 1.000 are 10 transactions. Whereas 10% conversion from 10.000 followers are 100. And with a medium revenue of $20 per conversion, the math of managing multiple accounts through private proxies becomes very appealing.




The second best advantage of using private proxies for social media is the low cost it requires. Promoting a social media post for one month can cost from a $60 to a few hundreds dollars for reaching 2000 to 5000 walls.


However, by setting a virtual private server and running 10 accounts through 10 virgin social media proxies can cost less than $50 per month. In addition, by using multiple accounts, a marketer can create the social proof highly needed in today’s social media marketing.




This advantage is counter intuitive. Not many marketers think of the benefit of managing multiple accounts until they reach a certain following. With one account, a marketer places all his eggs in the same basket. On the other hand, by developing multiple accounts, a marketer can anytime switch his priorities and focus on the most engaging account.


For example, if a niche fades and does not offer the same returns, while at the same time, a secondary account is consistent in its returns, the marketer can easily shift his focus and develop a promotion for the secondary account.




Not all marketers using private proxies for social media marketing can be considered blackhat marketers. There are certain limits to the use of this term [blackhat].


Private proxies, a privacy tool, are used to hide someone’s real IP. This is an advantage when managing multiple social media accounts from the same server, or location.


The advantages of using social media proxies are many. The three most important are the chances of reaching a bigger audience, lower costs and diversification.

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