4 Brands That Are Using Instagram to Its Full Potential

4 Brands That Are Using Instagram to Its Full Potential

4 Brands That Are Using Instagram to Its Full Potential

Digital technology and the internet have made social media into a major way that brands can influence and communicate with their target audiences. But before you hop onto the nearest platform, you need to know how to use it. If you don’t, you could waste a lot of time and resources “shouting into the void,” so to speak. Take a look at the some of the brands who are using the social media platform Instagram to its fullest potential:

American Apparel

It may seem easy to run an Insta when you have a fashion brand, but AA doesn’t take that approach. Their bio is simple: “Globally Sourced, Ethically Made, Sweatshop Free.” What’s not to like?

Staying true to their motto, American Apparel’s IG doesn’t have the Photoshopped refinement or overly-stylized models used by other brands. Instead they use natural beauty and unretouched photos to reach their target audience — real people. Their message is one of empowerment, and it resonates with their 2 million followers (and that’s just the USA account). Ask yourself: How can you be more “real” with your brand?


ADT, the security giant, is one of the brands you might not expect to see on Instagram. However, they have been doing an excellent job on their account called ADT Always Cares. Rather than focusing on the features of their product and claims like “ADT alarm system signs decrease the chances of burglary,” they focus more on making a down-to-earth connection with their audience.

ADT Always Cares’ posts show their employees participating in a variety of humanitarian projects. These images are heartwarming and simultaneously subtly communicate to followers that ADT’s top priority is looking after the welfare of others. This message meshes perfectly with their product. A picture is worth a thousand words, so use images rather than words to communicate your brand’s goals.


This car company knows how to market themselves. Mercedes’ specialty is sleek European vehicles. From sports cars to sedans and SUVs, their artistic emphasis in vehicle design in reflected in the visually stunning photos that live on their profile.

Mercedes connects with their customers on Instagram by encouraging followers to use the hashtag #mbfanphoto. The best photos get featured on the account and shared with over 12 million followers. They don’t even have to be photos — fanart is appreciated too, keeping Mercedes in touch with their people.


If your audience is the younger generation, take notes from Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed’s website is enormous, and seems to go viral on the daily. But their Instagram is impressive, too.

Younger social media users like to be entertained, which is exactly what Buzzfeed’s Insta is doing. Between “best of” screenshots from Twitter and memes galore, this account might be more fun to scroll through than the geek section of Pinterest.  A big part of growing your traffic on social media is knowing your audience — and Buzzfeed has this mastered.

There’s no one “right way” to present your brand on Instagram. But one thing is clear: your brand needs to be on the platform. No excuses! If even a security company can run an engaging IG, so can you.

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