5 Reasons Why Your Company’s HR Should Be Using Social Media

5 Reasons Why Your Company’s HR Should Be Using Social Media

In this day and age, social media has more followers and accounts than ever. Your company can use social media to interact with employees and reach clients in all aspects of their daily lives. Here are five reasons your company’s HR department should be using social media.


Learn About Employees

Social media is a great way to learn about employees and their hobbies. If a number of your employees like running, coordinate a company-wide running event, helping out a local charity. If many of them play instruments, some sort of music festival could bring everyone together and bring out these otherwise unknown talents.

Instagram is one of the best ways to learn about employees. An HR employee can follow these pictures to get a better idea of their everyday lives. Business owners will definitely want to pursue this path. Putting names to faces is vital in mid-sized companies, and the uniqueness of each social media account will allow you to do so.


Notice Cautionary Signs

At the same time, social media can be full of cautionary signs. If you notice suspicious activity on an account, this is something you want to address immediately. Facebook is a prime example. Vulgar, racist, and/or other offensive posts are red flags that need to be handled by a figure of authority. While these tendencies might not appear in daily work, they are certainly inappropriate. Other employees might feel uncomfortable working with such an individual, and a healthy office environment is one of the most critical aspects of your business.

The best time to address these signs is when you’re hiring. After conducting interviews, make sure all applicants have honest social media accounts. This way, you can mention these concerns at a later stage and cite them as reasons for rejection.


Outreach and Feedback

Social media allows you to reach more clients than ever. Because many of these accounts are linked to one another, a single post can lead to a surprising amount of traffic. Social media advertisements are unlike those on billboards or newspapers. Most social media platforms categorize advertisements as promotional material, which leads to low costs and even more page views. Also, these sites allow managers to view statistics and detailed information about their profile. Tracking your most successful posts is extremely easy, and if done correctly, you can work off these successes in the future.



Social media has numerous advantages over alternatives such as email. While you have to wait for a response via email, social media is much laxer regarding timeframes, and you can tag others who might be interested in the conversation. People do not have to write a formal response to social media posts, and a quick glance is more than sufficient in many situations. As always, save formal requests for emails or telephone calls. However, when you are aiming for efficiency, consider social media as a fast way to fill up your contact list.


Easy to Manage

Managing social media doesn’t require any extraordinary skills. First, you need to be comfortable with these online platforms and what each is capable of. It is worthwhile to take a day to explore all the features, as many can be hidden under the surface. If you are interested in education, a human resource degree is one of the best forms of preparation for social media management. Such a degree will teach you all about the positive and negative influences of social media.


Networking has drastically expanded over the past few years, and social media is one of the leading ways people can connect with one another. With a strong social media presence, your HR department can make the right choice when it comes to employees and contacts.



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