6 Ways to Livestream Your Business

6 Ways to Livestream Your Business

6 Ways to Livestream Your Business

You have probably edited and uploaded a video to your Facebook or YouTube channel, but have you ever broadcasted yourself for a live audience? It is now easier since there are popular Livestream Accounts today. You do not need expensive gadgets; the built-in camera and microphone in a smartphone is enough — although some people even pull it off with wireless security cameras!

1. Facebook Live

With Facebook live, anyone with an account on Facebook or a page can have a live broadcast which can reach the largest crowd, provided the crowd uses Android and iOS devices. If the broadcast is live, the video appears on the broadcaster profile with a “live” indicator, and when it ends, it remains on the profile for those who did not watch the live broadcast. After that, the broadcaster can choose to leave it or take it down anytime.

2. IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video enables you to talk to a broad audience for an event streaming or when launching a new product in the market. If you want to use it for your business, then you can use the Enterprise plan which has 1TB data storage, well-designed event support among other features.

3. Instagram Live Video

Those people with well-established Instagram accounts can have a livestream with the audience in real time, but once the video is over, it is no longer available on their profile. Unlike other Livestream accounts, the Instagram interface shows the number of comment or viewers and the broadcaster can decide to respond to the comments, turn them off, or delete.

4. YouTube Live

YouTube in the past provided recorded and edited video, but nowadays it offers a live broadcast, which you can gain access to by clicking on “Live events” found at the video manager. Setting your webcam once you have verified your account will enable you to stream live with your audience and answer all questions and comments live.

Apart from providing videos that have been recorded or updated previously, YouTube also offers a live broadcast which you can access by clicking on “Live events” found at the video manager. Set your webcam after you have verified your account which will enable you to have a livestream with your audience in the real time. You will be able to answer all questions or comments live.

5. Livestream

Livestream provides essential services for businesses who want to get in touch with their audience through livestreamed video. This service is easy to use, and it is of high quality, making it the choice of many people. It powers 10 million events yearly, claiming the title of the best live video platform.

6. Twitch

If you are a video gamer who prefers a live-broadcast of games where you watch players teach, compete or any other thing that players do, then Twitch should be your livestream account choice.outdoor livestream

5 Tips for Creating a Successful Livestream

For you to ensure that your broadcast runs smoothly and it is of high quality, the following tips will be of help.

1. Test your equipment

If you broadcast regularly, it is good that you test your equipment every time you want to use them. Make sure that your laptop is working well and the camera focuses. If you’re DIY-ing your livestream camera with a wireless security camera, ADT Pulse can help you check this function.

2. Get a good point that has a power source

Though this is obvious, get a right place that has a power outlet for your live broadcast. You can have a place that is reserved for you, but in case you do not have one, arriving early is recommended to ensure that there is a smooth set-up.

3. Ensure that you are connected to fast internet source

When streaming live video, an internet speed of 1mbs is recommended since the fast internet, such as Ethernet or Wi-Fi, is an essential thing during streaming.

4. Keep your set-up organized

Though this seems obvious, ensuring that you set-up is neat to eliminate headaches that may arise is essential. Cords becoming unplugged during a broadcast is the last thing that you would want.

5. Monitor your stream

Monitoring your livestream takes a team, with one person working as a quality assurance engineer. You should ensure that you communicate effectively so that you do not frustrate the listeners.

Based on the event that you want to broadcast, choosing the best livestream account is essential. Producing a great livestream as you have seen needs much preparation regarding making that all equipment ready. Having a team is essential where one of the team members serves as the quality assurance to ensure that there is a high-quality livestream.

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