Are Meta Tags In 2016 Really Important?

Are Meta Tags In 2016 Really Important?

Are Meta Tags In 2016 Really Important?

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There are spam masters at Google such as Matt Cutts whom speak of how important Keyword Tags, Meta Descriptions Tags are and what they do to impact websites.

This is what he says about the meta tags:

“Meta tags are a great way for Webmasters to provide search engines with information about their sites. They can be used to provide information to all sorts of clients, and each system processes only the meta tags they understand and ignores the rest. They are added to the <head> section of your HTML page.”

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What are meta description tags doing for SEO?

Over the last eight years Google has progressed firmly off from decoding technical on-the-spot problems to decoding the website’s authority, trustworthiness, and relevancy. Participating users with quality and descriptive content ought to be placed on the best of priorities.

With that said, meta tag improvement has a vital role in raising click through rates and conversion numbers. Matt Cutts mentions that with well written meta tags, searchers can see your page description in Google and can probably be way more happy with what they notice.

But Matt additionally mentions that if you write on marketing apples when essentially you’re marketing oranges, Google can probably penalise your web site heavily.

Does Google rank pages off meta description tags?

A few years ago when search engines like Google graded pages off behind the scenes markup language tags. once realizing that Google users weren’t having the most effective experience, ranking indicators were changes to observing different factors.

Now in 2016, search engines have stirred fully past this and SEO tests have confirmed that meta tags don’t directly impact ranking signals.

How do meta tags support SEO?

Meta tag knowledge is extremely helpful for describing pages that may be simply decipherable by search engines and searchers alike. However, search engines do reach meta tags for descriptive functions, they will not not correspond to a page’s rank.

Google can seemingly cross-check meta tags for spam as page managers still have the opportunity to spam meta tags, even though it’s 2016. However, Google can seemingly place meta information to use to classify pages into a subject or business or show info regarding the page in search results.

However, duplicate meta description tags may be terribly harmful to your website’s SEO, which is what you’ll explore in your Google Webmaster panel. Once Google finds these duplicate meta description tags, they assume you’re making an attempt to use low-quality tries to game the system.

Do Meta description Tags fully manage what individuals see in Google?

Most of the time, meta description tags can directly depict however your page is displayed once it’s chosen to be shown for a specific keyword.

However, Google and different engines can opt for different ways to show your page to searchers based mostly off what they assume is best. The sections they plan to opt for are utterly dependent on what Google is aware of about the page decided on many alternative little factors they collect over time.

Key Insights

Meta description tags hold huge worth for increasing click through rates and conversion rates if written properly, however it won’t essentially impact your SEO worth in terms of rankings. What really matters to Google in 2016 is providing the most effective attainable user expertise to guests. If you web site isn’t targeted around this, you probably will see a slow decline in organic traffic.

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