The Importance of SoundCloud Plays and Comments

SoundCloud is, by far, the largest audio distribution site that is purely dedicated to music. It was created to promote artists and musicians to share their music with each other. Nowadays, it is used by musicians to distribute their music to their viewers, and the viewers can listen to their favorite tracks on it. If you’re a musician, you can easily post your recording on SoundCloud with a specific URL so that you can share it on other social media platforms. Thus, SoundCloud has become a medium for promoting music tracks. Many famous musicians and artists are using this […]

Instagratz: Why Would I Buy Social Media Services?

The world is a strange place these days, when it comes to communicating with one another, it feels as if all of us have a certain role to play. There’s the person that doesn’t check their e-mail frequently enough, as well as the person who does it too often – but what can the right amount of social media buzz do for your brand/company? Believe it or not, there are hundreds of thousands of people purchasing social media services like the ones Instagratz has to offer up, and it’s all for a very good reason.

When you think about social […]

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