Look Good, But Not *Too* Good — Making Promises on Your Company Website

Look Good, But Not *Too* Good — Making Promises on Your Company Website

Marketing is a crucial element of all success in business and, as the saying goes, branding is everything. It is therefore unsurprising that it is tempting to fill your company website with rhetoric and promises that make your product and your company look like the best thing since sliced bread. Somewhat counter intuitively, this approach can actually weaken your company’s brand.
Be Sincere
The self-promotional nature of a company’s website can mean that readers find promises the company makes insincere. Modern consumers are incredibly suspicious of companies’ advertising, and can you really blame them? Many companies exaggerate the truth in […]

Why Every Direct Seller Needs a Blog

Direct selling a method of selling products in an in-person meeting with your lead. This method is particularly popular for distributors of MLM items such as Mary Kay, Cutco, or doTERRA products. As this type of seller, you try to reach people directly in their homes and workplaces. Running a blog helps you to increase web traffic, increase the results of promoting an MLM business, and increase your profits. Learn the reasons why you need a blog as a direct seller.

The MLM Industry Is Full of Uncertainties

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business idea that is not new and fairly commonplace. […]

7 Ways Marketing Has Changed in the Information Age

7 Ways Marketing Has Changed in the Information Age
A generation or two ago, professional marketing strategies focused on radio and television ads, newspaper inserts, direct mail, and telephone sales. Although those media are still used somewhat today in the Information Age, more contemporary marketing plans rely increasingly on electronic media via the Internet.

The origins of the Internet, or World Wide Web, go back to the 1950s with the development of a global range of connectivity that continued to develop and grow through the remainder of the twentieth century, and beyond. An expansive network that links education, business, industry, and […]

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