The Importance of Promotions For Customer Loyalty

Creating customer loyalty is essential to company success, especially in the highly competitive realm of the Internet. Sending out quality promotional material is directly correlated to generating and maintaining high levels of customer loyalty. Simply branding, having a good web page, and purchasing lots of advertisement are not sufficient for keeping customer loyalty high. Proper brand image and customer loyalty strategies use a combination of promotional materials, channels, and techniques.
Purchase Rewards
Companies with strong purchase rewards programs find customers returning to their stores consistently. For example, CVS Pharmacy offers ExtraBucks on certain items and time periods. Not only does this […]

Do Startup Companies Need SEO Services?

Startup companies need all the help they can get. Whether it’s website traffic, social media fans and shoutouts, or just plain old PR – the point is, they need it.

The question then becomes, where should startup companies begin? How do they know what to focus on? As an SEO strategist, I am often approached by startups who are asking for help, as they are seeking website traffic, and believe that by ranking well in Google they can achieve traffic, which then leads to conversions, which then leads to a potentially higher valuation. It is for this reasons that many […]

Now Google wants your voice; improve your content NOW!

It’s not only about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) anymore, Google now target voice recognition; it is about time to improve your content for crawlers and people’s ears. Time to take a deep breath and spell correctly the very most important information about your business, your services at all.
Forget all about slangs! Improve your content and don’t lag behind competitors
But before you freak out and give a call for the singer Adéle, to have a quote about how much would she charge you to ‘sing’ your address,
phone number, services, open hours, directions and more – take another breath and remember […]

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