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6 Ways to Livestream Your Business

6 Ways to Livestream Your Business

You have probably edited and uploaded a video to your Facebook or YouTube channel, but have you ever broadcasted yourself for a live audience? It is now easier since there are popular Livestream Accounts today. You do not need expensive gadgets; the built-in camera and microphone in a smartphone is enough — although some people even pull it off with wireless security cameras!
1. Facebook Live
With Facebook live, anyone with an account on Facebook or a page can have a live broadcast which can reach the largest crowd, provided the crowd uses Android and iOS devices. If the broadcast […]

10 Mistakes That You’ve Been Making On Your LinkedIn Profile

With the increase in the use of technology, a lot of job seekers, as well as employers, are now making their way over to LinkedIn. After the revolution of the social networking and media networking site there emerged the new phenomenon of LinkedIn- the professional networking website. Most professionals and graduates these days make great use of LinkedIn for showcasing their resume, exhibiting their skills and experience, and connecting with other professionals in their relevant fields.

Gone are the days when you would have to resort to using your personal social networking profiles to maintain and showcase your academic […]

How to Make a Social App & What Social Features do Popular Apps Use?

What do popular applications like Instagram, Clash of Clans and Uber have in common? That’s right, these App Store and Google Play darlings all incorporate social features including comments, likes and ratings. In this article, I shall define top social features found in popular mobile apps based on the US App Store stats provided by App Annie and tell you how to make a successful social-enabled app.


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