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Fake News on Social Media: Why Should Your Company Care?

The unexpected Donald Trump’s victory (and the not-so-true stories that made it possible) forced a number of high-profile websites including the Guardian, the Telegraph and ArsTechnica to publish posts covering the subject and giving us some useful tips on how to detect a false story on the Web. Today I’d like to address the issue from a different angle: can false news have a negative impact on your business and will it slow down further development of social media? Let’s think together.


Social Media in Future: Where do We Go from Here?

Back in 2004 (that’s when Facebook was launched) no one probably expected that in just 13 years our lives will revolve around status updates, Instagram selfies and Donald Trump’s tweets (#covfefe says hi). By the end of 2017, the total number of social media users will top 2.5 billion. 20% of user digital media time and 90% of mobile time is now spent on social networks. Thanks to social media, forward-thinking companies generate high-quality leads and keep customers engaged. It is Facebook and other social networking websites that made the Arab spring possible. In other words, social media dominate. […]

5 Ways to Go With the Flow and Beat Writer’s Block


From advertising to content marketing, Instagram is a powerful platform to help drive traffic to your small business. As one of the most popular social media networks of our time, Instagram is a marketing gold mine for online businesses.
Instagram Ads
Instagram ads are a great tool to use for driving traffic to your business. Instagram offers the option of advertising in the form of a photo, a video, a carousel or stories. Clickable links in your ad allows your audience to be seamlessly guided to your business. Simply link your Instagram account to your Facebook page to create an ad […]

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