Four Ways To Convert Your PDF Files For Free

PDF has become the most important format around the world because of its portability and mobility. However, you have to use third-party software to convert it to other format for the purpose of editing and content copying.

Merging is quite simple with key words “PDF Merge” searched in Google. After merging, you may encounter the requirement of PDF conversion. And now, this article will guide you how to convert your PDF files with the easiest ways for free.

Get the help of Google Docs.

Google is not just a search tool but has a lot of good products you may never use […]

Does the Future of Mobile App Development Lie in Augmented Reality?

Although smartphone owners spend 52% of their digital time in apps, it is social media and messaging applications that displayed a whopping 394% growth in usage last year. The mobile app market’s further development is now driven by APAC countries. With 5 million applications on Google Play and the App Store, less than 1% of app projects enjoy commercial success. Will mobile Augmented Reality help vendors re-engage users and… make apps great again?


Use of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) term may refer to both the intelligence displayed by computers and the science of making smart hardware and applications. Through its 70+ years’ history, Artificial Intelligence has had its ups and downs and changed our lives beyond recognition. From Marvel movies to IBM Watson (which is already 40% better at diagnosing cancer than human doctors), AI is truly omnipresent. What’s more, it is the very tech that can crunch zettabytes of sensor data and streamline IoT adoption. AI is the future of software development, too – and web development is no exception.


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