New Technology vs. Veteran Technology; Which is More Beneficial?

Each generation has a new wave of technology. Since the inception of computers, technology has continued to become more refined and sophisticated. However, as software continues to evolve, so does the potential for cyber-terrorism. As breaches become more commonplace, it’s important for consumers and businesses to use software to ensure your records are safe and secure.
Tech that Protects
With every year, hackers invent new and better ways to break through any attempts at cyber security. As we work to protect ourselves from these attacks to our sensitive data and information, it’s important to see where technology from the past […]

PDF Password Locker & Remover: Protect PDF file with password and anti-copy technology

PDF Password Locker & Remover is a useful application for those users who want to protect their PDF files or remove the password of encrypted PDF files. Furthermore, you can specify exactly what kind of operation you allow or disallow.

Use this application is simple and the interface is straightforward. Launch the app, you will find the drag and drop area. The batch process is supported. In the right area, you can choose to set user password or owner password. Of course, your PDF files could be protect by both user and owner password.

The amazing feature of this product is […]

Four Ways To Convert Your PDF Files For Free

PDF has become the most important format around the world because of its portability and mobility. However, you have to use third-party software to convert it to other format for the purpose of editing and content copying.

Merging is quite simple with key words “PDF Merge” searched in Google. After merging, you may encounter the requirement of PDF conversion. And now, this article will guide you how to convert your PDF files with the easiest ways for free.

Get the help of Google Docs.

Google is not just a search tool but has a lot of good products you may never use […]

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