Four Ways To Convert Your PDF Files For Free

Four Ways To Convert Your PDF Files For Free

PDF has become the most important format around the world because of its portability and mobility. However, you have to use third-party software to convert it to other format for the purpose of editing and content copying.

Merging is quite simple with key words “PDF Merge” searched in Google. After merging, you may encounter the requirement of PDF conversion. And now, this article will guide you how to convert your PDF files with the easiest ways for free.

  1. Get the help of Google Docs.

Google is not just a search tool but has a lot of good products you may never use before. Google Docs is one of its best products. It will help you to manage all of your documents, editable and shareable even you have only a phone instead of PC.

Using Google Docs to convert PDF files is not difficult. Login with your Google account, upload your files. After uploading completed, you will see “Download as” button followed in the file menu. Click it, you will find your PDF files editable with original layout and appearance retained.

Try it here, it is free!



  1. Acrobat is a good choice for you

Acrobat from Adobe is quite famous. We all know Adobe has published a lot of powerful applications like PS, AI. With Acrobat you can read and manufacture your PDF files easily. It is free but some of its advanced functions should be paid for use.

Only a few steps are require for using it Export PDF tool. Upload your PDF file after starting Acrobat. Click Export PDF button and the dashboard shows you all of the settings you need. What format you want to turn your PDF files into, no matter Word, Excel, Html, Images, it is up to you. After complete the customized conversion settings, click export and the opened PDF file will be converted to an editable format within no time.

Acrobat is a reliable and powerful application which will be your good office partner. Try it here, it is also free:


  1. Try online conversion tool for free.

With the development of technology, you can find some online conversion tool with keyword “PDF convert online” in Google. After testing, PDF converter online from Nitro Software is not bad for its reliability and quality. The output editable word file converted from PDF has retained the layout and style of the original file. It supports batch process which is more convenient than Acrobat based on PDF reader tool.

It is not difficult using this online tool. Only three steps to complete the conversion process. Select PDF files to upload. Enter your email the converted files will be sent to and then start converting.

You can try it here, it is free.


  1. All PDF Converter will be another powerful office partner you can rely on.

Sometimes, online conversion tool is not reliable for the unstable network. And we have to consider its safety policy. Meanwhile, in most cases, we need to convert multiple PDF files in batch rather than reading. It will be difficult for users to convert their files one by one. Therefore, application like All PDF Converter will be a good choice for these issues we mentioned above.

Using this software is simple either. With it straightforward interface, you can find all of the choices about conversion. Upload your files by drag and drop. Select the format you want to convert your files into and all the left is just clicking start button. Wait for a second, you will get your editable files.

You can try it here, email to support team to ask for free license after you write a review and posting on your blog.


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