How To Become Famous On YouTube Guide

How To Become Famous On YouTube Guide

Guide: How to Become Famous on YouTube

How To Become Famous On YouTube Guide main

Popular ‘YouTubers’ are amongst some very glamorous people on the internet. It doesn’t matter if they make gaming videos, makeup tutorials or fashion trends. It is not difficult to find people who have earned fame from making YouTube videos. The more you follow this culture, the more you may be willing to be a part of it. The first step to it is getting popular. This article gives a step-by-step guide to gaining the same kind of fame and recognition that can make you one of those famous YouTube stars.

How To Become Famous On YouTube Guide getting startedGetting Started

You should start by deciding what you want your channel to be about. This is the most important thing as if you mess this up, everything down the road is just hopeless.

Decide the Theme of Your Channel 

Here, you would have to just go with your gut. Are you a good musician? Are you funny? Can you teach things to people? Are you a good storyteller? You should choose whatever you do best or you can go with a combination of some of these things.

If you are finding it difficult to decide, one good way is to find inspiration from others. Watch the top videos in every genre and category and see what you like the most. You should choose the thing that you loved watching the most. Or better yet, you can always do parodies.

Use Your Talent

How To Become Famous On YouTube Guide talentDo you know some cool dance moves? Do you sing well? Or can you do something even better? You have to spend some time doing your thing until you become good at it. The moment you think you’re ready, start making a video of you showing off your talent in front of your friend and teaching them how to do it.

Let’s Create Your Channel

You can style your channel the way you love it, but remember to keep it real. Don’t overdo it. Use a color combination such that text is easily readable, and select high contrast for the text and background.

Recording Your First Video

How To Become Famous On YouTube Guide recordingIf you’re going for a funny video, do randomly new things and make sure that you use the jump cut effect. If you are making a tutorial, make it easy to understand and simple to follow. Also, see to it that anyone can manage to get to the end result. Make sure to write a step-by-step guide in the description too.

Editing the Video

This is the part where you make sure to add jump cuts. You should cut down all the extra things that you don’t want in the video and make sure to leave a professional touch.

Watch Out for the Trends

The title of the video should be trendy and catchy and if possible, popular words should be included. A catchy and perhaps animated introduction of How To Become Famous On YouTube Guide trends
your channel at the start of every video will make it interesting and leave a professional touch. It also helps establish a brand image that represents
you. Introduce yourself, and make sure that viewers get your name. If they like your video, they’ll know which name to search for. Be relaxed and laugh at your blunders. If you find your mistakes interesting, you can also add bloopers at the end of the video.

Upload the Video

For starters, Windows Movie Maker or iMovie work fine enough. Once your channel becomes popular, you can use advanced software like VSDC video editor.

How To Become Famous On YouTube Guide click baitUse Clickbait Methods

These are the techniques you can use to inspire your users to watch your videos. Do not end up using this tool too much or it can defame you. Don’t use it too little or you might not attract anyone. The promise made to the user should not be what your videos can’t provide. Only the title and thumbnail of the video should be made clickbait on YouTube.

Select a Title That Describes Your Video

Highlight a unique part of your video in the title. It’s irrelevant that the title does not tell all about the video as long as it highlights the main part. You can also add emotional features to your title to create clickbait. To find such stuff, you have to research content to which viewers react the most. Generally, YouTubers adore animals and babies and also react to deaths and accidents. If your video has any of it, keep the most emotional bit in the title. A video against the controversial ideas can grab the attention of viewers and make people react to it. When selecting the thumbnail, use the most highlighting element to support the title of the video.

Video Making

It doesn’t matter if the thumbnail is unrealistic. It’s fine as long as it highlights the main content of the video. The viewer should be able to get an idea of what the video is about from the thumb. Also, your thumb should contain people looking at each other.

Making a Fan Base

Start by telling your family and friends. Tell anyone you meet to check out your videos. Send requests to people on YouTube and subscribe to them. Make sure to interact with your audience via comments. You can also use other social networks to extend your followers.How To Become Famous On YouTube Guide fan base

Once you get a bunch of followers, you should not make them wait for long. Keep making videos at least once per week on a regular basis. Sell your own storyline or focus on pranks, random stuff, your friends, etc.

You would have to be patient and determined as it can take a while to be popular. Once you start generating regular content, it becomes just a waiting game. Don’t think about it too much; just keep adding quality content and expect interest in about a year or so. If your videos are unnoticed even after a year, you should start doing something different this time.

Focus on What’s Popular

focus red word and conceptual target with arrow reflect on white background

Focus on the stuff that’s trending because that way, it might be discussed on other platforms. For instance, there’s a channel called Fail Blog that features videos that are epic fails. If you make a video that’s a total mess, send it to them and with a little luck, it might get featured on their channel or even on the channel Ray William Johnson.

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