How Your Work’s Heating is Affecting Your Productivity

How Your Work’s Heating is Affecting Your Productivity

Balancing the productivity of all employees is a difficult task regardless of the circumstances. It becomes even more so when an office manager constantly has to adjust the temperature of the office space for one employee or another. Unfortunately, this is one of the well-known difficulties of running an office. It seems that everyone has their preferred temperature. It is hard to keep everyone happy at the same time.


A Common Complaint

It turns out that about eighty percent of office employees complain about the temperature of their workspace. With all of those unhappy people, it is no wonder some of them end up as less than productive employees. They are miserable, and their focus remains on what it is that is keeping them dissatisfied. In other words, they are likely not going to get as much work done as they possibly could if they were comfortable with the temperature of their office.


Time Lost Adjusting The Temperature

Changing the temperature in the office would seem to be something that would only take a minute or two. Unfortunately, it is something that can consume as many as eight and a half minutes of the workday. That is a significant period of time when compounded over weeks or months. There is literally time flying out the window so to speak every time an employee feels the need to stand up and go to change the temperature.


As Temperature Rises, Productivity Declines

Although colder temperatures can be a distraction and productivity-zapper for employees as well, the temperature increases are where the real productivity losses are felt. This is because many employees find it too difficult to focus when they are too hot.

Approximately fifty percent of employees believe that their office is too hot during the summer. Considering the number of possible distractions that exist in the summer to begin with anyway, it is discouraging to business owners to hear that they may have to contend with the weather as well. Given that, it is probably best to set the temperature in the office a little cooler during the summer. You might want to schedule HVAC maintenance to make sure your air conditioning is working at top-notch too, since a poorly-maintained air conditioner won’t help keep things cool.


Although a little spending is a necessary part of getting the right temperature for the office, few can say that it is not worth the money. After all, it does lead to employees who are less distracted by how their body is feeling.


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