Now Google wants your voice; improve your content NOW!

Now Google wants your voice; improve your content NOW!

It’s not only about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) anymore, Google now target voice recognition; it is about time to improve your content for crawlers and people’s ears. Time to take a deep breath and spell correctly the very most important information about your business, your services at all.

Forget all about slangs! Improve your content and don’t lag behind competitors

But before you freak out and give a call for the singer Adéle, to have a quote about how much would she charge you to ‘sing’ your address,
phone number, services, open hours, directions and more – take another breath and remember you don’t need some sort of an answer machine, yet.

This is the near future of SEO and Organic Search. Believe it or not.

Even image recognition, yes, image recognition: you snap out your smartphone from the back pocket, take a picture of something or somebody and let Google make a match. Dear God, I know that girl but I cannot remember her name, just like the Seinfeld episode when he forget Dolores name, you just need to wait few seconds while Google fast-browse Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and even WhatsApp files to make a match.

Oh Patricia, I am so happy to see you again. How’s your family doing? Are you still married? Let’s have a coffee, dear?

It’s Google being more and more intrusive but this is the 2000’s. There’s no way back; if you don’t want to live under a rock.

Just like Google Places and Local SEO, you will happily do Google’s job by filling the blanks of Google Maps, Google Places and pretty soon: Google Voice.
Why not? You are getting some Reward Points and authority to place your clients information all over Google Maps and Places. And you can make use of those ‘bonuses’ to make some profit for yourself, don’t you? If you don’t, you should.

Paid traffic? Google will provide that kind of service for you (not performing Adéle’s voice of course), but you don’t need to have deep pockets to empty
and make your business shine above competitors, if your content are written carefully. You don’t need to be some sort of scholar, or Shakespeare neither, but writing content easily understandable for the average people? It is mandatory, almost written in stone.

Most people don’t perform queries for Search Engine Optimization, but for How to, Where to, How Long, Why, When… and so on, about getting more visitors, traffic, clients and sales, am I right?

Let me do the math:

You: My tooth hurts (using no WHY)

Google Voice: Doctor Milo Renfield WILL offer a full range of Painless, General Services, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. Milo Renfield, located at 101 Evergreen Street, Springfield (0.7 miles) from you. From Dental Consultation, Exams and Emergencies to Surgery, visit Doctor Milo Renfield
right now or ask for Dental Home Assistance pressing 1.

Of course Google will place paid traffic at the front row. But the sooner you jump-start your competitors, the sooner you will get the best results.

You don’t need to start taking pictures of everything, everybody, everywhere – not yet – to help Google’s servers, but you DO NEED to be prepared
for Voice Recognition as soon as possible. Remember: 68% of searches are coming from mobile, and more than a half of it comes from voice search.

Now, you do the math. Good luck and good profits!

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