Save Your Instagram Live Streams To Your Camera Roll

Save Your Instagram Live Streams To Your Camera Roll

instagram liveOne of the distinctive things regarding Instagram Live is that the videos have perpetually disappeared. when your live stream was over which means the content is deleted forever — not like Facebook Live or Periscope that save your videos; thus, audiences will never see it after it’s done.

Until now….

The company simply declared that broadcasters now have the choice to save their live videos to their phone when they’re done streaming. It’s pretty easy — once your stream ends you’ll see a save button within the upper-right corner — you tap it and the video gets saved to your camera roll.

Notably, these live videos still won’t be saved on Instagram — thus viewers ought to still feel an urgency to observe since it’ll be their only likelihood to view the stream.unnamed

That being said, the actual fact that broadcasters can have the choice to save their stream ought to increase the occasions that individuals plan to go live. In the past, users might have been hesitant to go live throughout a crucial moment (and instead record with their camera app or Snapchat) — because they knew they’d lose that footage forever. Currently users will get the best of all worlds — they will share attention-grabbing live content with their audience whilst still having the choice to save it forever if it’s a special moment.

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