The Importance of SoundCloud Plays and Comments

The Importance of SoundCloud Plays and Comments

SoundCloud_logoSoundCloud is, by far, the largest audio distribution site that is purely dedicated to music. It was created to promote artists and musicians to share their music with each other. Nowadays, it is used by musicians to distribute their music to their viewers, and the viewers can listen to their favorite tracks on it. If you’re a musician, you can easily post your recording on SoundCloud with a specific URL so that you can share it on other social media platforms. Thus, SoundCloud has become a medium for promoting music tracks. Many famous musicians and artists are using this platform to increase their fan following and promote their music. In this post, we’ll discuss all you need to know about how to buy SoundCloud plays and comments.

Why SoundCloud?

SoundCloud has become the perfect place for all artists and musicians who want people to listen to them. Many marketers and music promoters are taking advantage of this platform’s popularity. Following are some of the main benefits which SoundCloud offers and you won’t get them all together on some other platform:

Social media integration

SoundCloud’s player has an embedded social media integration feature that allows you to share your track on other social media platforms. You can easily listen to your tracks without clicking out of your Facebook or Instagram tab. Multiple tabs always create a mess, but with SoundCloud, you can listen to your favorite tracks and use other social media sites without any hassle.

Friendly interface

SoundCloud is so easy to operate, and you don’t have to follow any hard and fast rules. Before SoundCloud, there was no user-friendly platform for music lovers and singers to share their tracks. MySpace existed, but its player took too long to load and each website was compatible with a different music player. Once SoundCloud was introduced, things got simpler for musicians, and everyone knew that they only had to hit the orange button.

Community of artists who can hook up with youdownload

The community of SoundCloud will make you stay there forever. Its community of music lovers is very interactive with people creating amazing music tracks and sharing their recordings. You can easily discuss your favorite music track and interact with a lot of individuals with the same interests. You can reveal your music and taste to the world and know about people’s preferences on this platform easily.

Great tool for promoting your music

One of the biggest benefits of SoundCloud is that you can use it as a marketing tool to promote your music. All you have to do is create an attractive profile with your detailed information and upload your music track. There are millions of music lovers on this platform, and a soundtrack is uploaded every minute on this site. Once people start listening to your music track, you’ll start getting recognized. People will respond to your track by liking and commenting.

An update on SoundCloud

update_topSoundCloud always tries its best to improve the listening experience of its users. It has recently updated its platform and restored five spotlight items, tweaked suggested users, and increased the visibility of the groups. The new SoundCloud is much more flexible as it has a lot new features and options. Now, you can also revert to the classic SoundCloud by clicking the option of ‘more’ present at the top right corner of the page or go back to the new version.

You can also choose the ‘Artist Stations’ that allows you to listen to the tracks similar to the artist you’re currently listening to. The stations that are started from an artist’s account will be saved to your album so that you can easily play them again whenever you want to. The stations have a large queue of songs because it has a lot of different songs from various artists. This feature has been introduced to offer users the experience of listening to the radio. If you’re an artist, you can benefit from this feature by promoting your soundtrack in a specific artist station.

How to increase SoundCloud plays and comments?aumentare_le_vendite_attraverso_ebay_ecommerce

As a musician, if you don’t have a huge number of SoundCloud plays and comments, then your profile is useless. SoundCloud is all about getting more plays and comments to promote your soundtrack. If you’re a beginner on this platform, you’ll need to work hard to establish yourself and increase SoundCloud plays. If you create music and want others to listen to it, here are some tips to increase your SoundCloud plays and comments:

Create a unique profile

The first impression is the last impression, and this proverb stands true for SoundCloud too. Create a unique profile and header that’s easily recognized and attractive. Your avatar will appear in a smaller version on others’ SoundCloud, so you need to make it as interesting as possible. A catchy and easily memorable logo or profile header will do the work for you.

Know the best time to upload your music

https_proxyThere are some times when people are more active on SoundCloud than others. The weekend can be the best time to release your soundtrack as most of the people are free and they want to spend more time listening to music. Introducing your soundtrack on the weekend will make more people listen to it and your music will start getting familiar in just a little while.

Use other social media platforms to promote your music

Other big social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will help you find more followers and listeners. You can also join different groups and communities on these platforms and promote your music there. You can request people to play your track and let you know how it was by commenting. Post the link to your SoundCloud track and offer people to respond to it. This will increase the plays on your track by a significant number.

Contact bloggers for promoting your trackbloggers

Blogging is a great marketing channel as it reaches the target audience easily. You should take advantage of this marketing channel and build relationships with bloggers to promote your tracks. Request different
bloggers to write articles regarding your music and compel them to follow you. This will bring an enormous amount of traffic to your profile and people will start listening to your track.

Use adequate captions and tagging

Many people land on certain music tracks by searching. Make sure that your SoundCloud track has an attractive description and has used the necessary tags. Let the people know about the type of your music and why one should listen to it. Your visibility and search ranking on SoundCloud will eventually increase if you write beautiful descriptions and use valid tags. You can use tags about the instruments, genre, location, and release of the soundtrack.

Cooperate with other artists rather than competing

You can grab the attention of people by collaborating with other fellow artists and musicians. You can increase your audience altogether by cooperating with each other. Contact some established musicians and request them to share your tracks across various social media platforms. Join SoundCloud groups and talk to other artists and promote each other’s music tracks. This way you’ll quickly increase your fan following as fans listen to their favorite celebrities and follow what they recommend. The cooperation technique will also help you learn from other musicians and understand how to promote your music on SoundCloud.

Buy SoundCloud plays

The most efficient way to increase your followers and promote your music track is to buy SoundCloud plays. This is a good technique as you won’t need to invest time and hard work into making your track famous. Moreover, if you are a beginner, using other methods to promote your track can be quite 153757-20VLiG1431005855challenging. You can easily buy SoundCloud comments through various software and applications.

You should know that people judge the quality and popularity of a music track by its plays and comments, and earning a huge number of followers for this purpose is not an easy task. If no one listens to your music, it will easily be forgotten. Buying plays and comments will help you increase your fan following in a short span. There are many providers that claim to increase your fan following on SoundCloud. You can easily buy SoundCloud plays cheap from them and give your SoundCloud profile a kick start for becoming famous.

However, there are some risks when you buy SoundCloud comments and plays. As this act is against SoundCloud’s policies, you might get your account terminated. The low-quality providers can give you plays and comments from bot accounts, which can be easily detected. However, this happens only when you buy plays and comments from a low-quality provider; the good ones are too efficient and give you plays and comments from real accounts. The likes and comments obtained by genuine accounts can’t be detected by SoundCloud.


Pros of buying SoundCloud plays

  • It is a good way to increase your number of fans instead of starting from zero and working hard to gather fans. You can easily start with a few thousand fans and promote your track to increase the plays and comments.
  • Buying SoundCloud plays will increase your social credibility. People always judge the popularity and credibility of a profile by the number of fans. The increased number of fans will make you look popular, and more people will be attracted to your track.
  • You can easily grab the attention of music directors and celebrities if you have an increased number of fans.
  • A huge number of plays and comments can make your soundtrack go viral. As more and more people will listen to your song, it will get more popular.
  • You can buy SoundCloud plays to get people talking. When people see a good number of comments on your track, they’ll also engage in the talk and express their views regarding your track.

Cons of buying SoundCloud plays

  • A low-quality provider will give you plays and comments through bot accounts, which can easily be detected by SoundCloud. This can lead to the termination of your account, so be careful about where you buy these plays from.
  • The SoundCloud plays are haphazard and not targeted. You can increase your plays, but you can’t determine who listens to your soundtrack.
  • Buying SoundCloud plays can only increase your numbers of plays and comments, so a proper marketing of your soundtrack is still necessary.
  • If people find out that you’ve gained fake plays and comments, your popularity will go down.

Where to buy SoundCloud plays?

If you’re a new artist, you should buy SoundCloud plays to share and promote your music track. Buying SoundCloud comments will boost your fan following and increase your popularity. However, make sure that you buy plays and comments from a reliable and high-quality provider. Following are some of the providers that deliver real plays and offer an amazing service to promote your track:


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