Why Every Direct Seller Needs a Blog

Why Every Direct Seller Needs a Blog

Direct selling a method of selling products in an in-person meeting with your lead. This method is particularly popular for distributors of MLM items such as Mary Kay, Cutco, or doTERRA products. As this type of seller, you try to reach people directly in their homes and workplaces. Running a blog helps you to increase web traffic, increase the results of promoting an MLM business, and increase your profits. Learn the reasons why you need a blog as a direct seller.


The MLM Industry Is Full of Uncertainties


Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business idea that is not new and fairly commonplace. Million-dollar companies have introduced MLM techniques into their marketing campaigns. Even so, this method has received a lot of criticism, and its success is not fully guaranteed. Also, many independent sellers and distributors are competing with each other and other million-dollar companies.

MLM sellers must use a variety of marketing techniques to promote their products. Most salespeople do not go door to door to sell products anymore since starting a website is easier. Blogging is one method that is effective at making your business known to the world.


Blogging Is Versatile

Blogging helps you to promote your MLM products and inform people about their various benefits and features. You can link your blog to an ecommerce site where people go to buy the products.

You also get to place paid ads on your blog, which helps to generate extra income. With PPC advertising, you get paid whenever people click on these ads. For many sellers, this income is invested to run the blog regularly.

If you are running a business, even part time, you cannot handle all of the work yourself. Hire a professional blogging service to put professional writers and editors in control of your blog. Have them write blogs whenever you need to, whether it’s once a week or several times a month.


Blogging Is Affordable


Even if you are new to multi-level marketing, you can afford to run a blog. There are a number of professional services, specializing in SEO, marketing or blogging, that allow you to use their basic services and pay for what you can afford. Make your blog more affordable by placing ads on the pages and linking to other blogs.


Planning an MLM business is simple, but succeeding in the regular sales of products is another story. There are countless companies that all sell the same MLM products and use the same MLM techniques. So, you must maintain your own blog and learn to promote your business online.

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