Fake News on Social Media: Why Should Your Company Care?

The unexpected Donald Trump’s victory (and the not-so-true stories that made it possible) forced a number of high-profile websites including the Guardian, the Telegraph and ArsTechnica to publish posts covering the subject and giving us some useful tips on how to detect a false story on the Web. Today I’d like to address the issue from a different angle: can false news have a negative impact on your business and will it slow down further development of social media? Let’s think together.


In the World of Information Technology, is a College Degree Required?

With the ever evolving world of computers and technology, it is important to appreciate the vital role they play in our lives today. From healthcare to stimulating the growth of the economy, computers and technology have created faster and more avenues to accomplish various objectives.


As people tend to have things done faster and easier, this has stimulated the need to enhance technology and the technology industry to new and superior heights. However, before you start thinking how you can achieve such heights while using the many technologies around to become a professional, you will need to get a […]

Too Much Technology Can Be Costly and Negatively Impact Your Business

Technology has added efficiently and convenience to nearly every aspect of daily life. People now rely heavily on these resources, particularly in business. Everything from organizing materials to travel arrangements can be accomplished with little effort. Unfortunately, keeping up with the demands of modern technology is often expensive. It can have other negative effects on a company as well. Here are a few ways that overindulgence in technology can be really bad for business.
Frequent Upgrades & Changes
New devices and software are wonderful when they first arrive. Employees at every level will immediately begin to imagine how much easier their […]

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