How to Make a Social App & What Social Features do Popular Apps Use?

What do popular applications like Instagram, Clash of Clans and Uber have in common? That’s right, these App Store and Google Play darlings all incorporate social features including comments, likes and ratings. In this article, I shall define top social features found in popular mobile apps based on the US App Store stats provided by App Annie and tell you how to make a successful social-enabled app.


New Technology vs. Veteran Technology; Which is More Beneficial?

Each generation has a new wave of technology. Since the inception of computers, technology has continued to become more refined and sophisticated. However, as software continues to evolve, so does the potential for cyber-terrorism. As breaches become more commonplace, it’s important for consumers and businesses to use software to ensure your records are safe and secure.
Tech that Protects
With every year, hackers invent new and better ways to break through any attempts at cyber security. As we work to protect ourselves from these attacks to our sensitive data and information, it’s important to see where technology from the past […]

Don’t Give Up on Social Commerce Just Yet

Social media has given brands and marketers a better access to target audience than any medium in human history. However, recent studies show that only 6.5% of customers are satisfied with social commerce shopping experience. What’s wrong with social commerce and how to leverage the power of social networks for business growth? Read on to find out!


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