5 Important Things You Might Forget When Starting a Business

Starting a business is exciting. You’re pushing forward in your plans to better your life; you’re starting a non-profit because you’ve always wanted to help others, or you’ve turned your favorite hobby into a business. No matter what your purpose is for starting your company, there are a few key things you should keep in mind as you work to launch the business of your dreams.
You’re Doing It Because You’re Passionate About It
Having your own business can sometimes be overwhelming. You may not have realized exactly what you were getting yourself into, your business may not be booming like […]

How Your Work’s Heating is Affecting Your Productivity

Balancing the productivity of all employees is a difficult task regardless of the circumstances. It becomes even more so when an office manager constantly has to adjust the temperature of the office space for one employee or another. Unfortunately, this is one of the well-known difficulties of running an office. It seems that everyone has their preferred temperature. It is hard to keep everyone happy at the same time.

A Common Complaint
It turns out that about eighty percent of office employees complain about the temperature of their workspace. With all of those unhappy people, it is no wonder some […]

Why Every Direct Seller Needs a Blog

Direct selling a method of selling products in an in-person meeting with your lead. This method is particularly popular for distributors of MLM items such as Mary Kay, Cutco, or doTERRA products. As this type of seller, you try to reach people directly in their homes and workplaces. Running a blog helps you to increase web traffic, increase the results of promoting an MLM business, and increase your profits. Learn the reasons why you need a blog as a direct seller.

The MLM Industry Is Full of Uncertainties

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business idea that is not new and fairly commonplace. […]

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